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Alexis Conran is a TV Presenter, Times Radio host and LAMDA-trained actor best known as the man who identifies, uncovers, and helps us protect ourselves against scams.

Currently the presenter of his own self-titled show on Channel 5, where he discusses the day’s most important news stories with viewers, he also hosts a weekend review show on Times Radio and is a charismatic and engaging keynote speaker and awards host working with companies and organisations worldwide.

Having been ITV’s consumer champion and the host of a variety of consumer rights programmes for Channel 5, and the writer and presenter of the highly acclaimed BBC TV Show, The Real Hustle, Alexis is in the rare position of being able to educate even the most aware on issues surrounding information security, scams, online fraud, risk, and consumer rights.

Live Events

Host & Facilitator

Alexis is a consummate host and facilitator who is sure to be a hit whether you are organising an intimate after-dinner event or need someone to entertain large audiences and facilitate industry-wide award ceremonies.

A skilled host who brings his approachable personality to the stage, creating a dynamic experience that engages and includes the audience, Alexis often leaves them wishing they could sit and listen to his amusing and revealing stories for much longer.

With his charismatic and engaging presence, bolstered by his decade-long career as a TV presenter, Alexis can adapt his style to suit all environments – from award shows to banquets and after-dinner cabaret. He has performed all over the world, demonstrating a unique blend of entertainment and education for those interested in the world of fraud and scam artists.

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Keynote Speaker

A charismatic and engaging keynote and after-dinner speaker, Alexis employs his knowledge of the dark and deceptive world of hustling, online trickery, and con-artists to advise businesses and consumers on the frauds they face in an increasingly lawless and ever-evolving age of virtual scams.

Although the fool-hardy among us may think we know all there is to know about fraud, Alexis can shine new light on the behaviours, body language, technological tricks, and communication techniques utilized by the world’s most prolific scam artists.

He is an expert in social engineering whose interest in crime was piqued as a child, leading to his encyclopaedic knowledge of fraudulent behaviour which he has explored on our screens for the past decade, and he has even devised and carried out over 500 scams in pursuit of understanding the mind and behaviour of con—artists.

Alexis is a versatile speaker who can adapt his style from informative keynotes to entertaining after-dinner cabaret, which includes showing off his genius sleight-of-hand techniques to the amazement of large audiences.

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Speaking Topics

Scam Proof Your Life

In a hectic world where there’s an increased overlap between private life and work life, how do you make sure you stay safe from scams? Learn about the latest scams and find out the tricks and psychology behind every scam to make sure you keep your home life and business secure.

Why Systems Fail

You are only as safe as your weakest link. Behind every security system, there is a weakness. No matter how much money has been spent on state-of-the-art systems, there is a human element always involved. Find out how the world’s top systems have been compromised due to human nature and make sure that the systems you operate remain safe from scams.

Confidence - Learning Good Things From Bad People.

Why are a handful of scams that have not changed in hundreds of years still effective today? What do scammers know that we don’t and how can we learn from their techniques in getting people to act against their own interests? You’ll be surprised at how many good things you can learn from bad people.

Hacking Human Nature

Following the crowd is part of human nature. It’s also part of the reason Homo Sapiens has been so successful. The problem is, it’s a great tool for manipulating people to act against their own interests. In a world of social media and ever-increasing sharp practices and scams, we need to take a moment to understand why we do the things we do, and how we are pre-programmed to respond to daily life. You can rest assured scammers have taken the time to study human nature. It is time we take a moment to understand ourselves as well as they understand us.

Client Testimonials

SPD Testimonial

Professional and charismatic speaker; engaged well with the audience and kept their interest throughout the presentation. Could have listened to Alexis and his amazing stories all day, but we ran out of time….

SPD Development Company Limited

Visa Testimonial

Everybody was captivated by both his personality and stories - it was a perfect marriage really.


Ares Testimonial

Both interesting and entertaining. Alexis also spent time chatting to guests before and after speaking, was a pleasure to have at our event.

Ares Management


He really did deliver and had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout!

Association of Corporate Traders

Aca Logo G

The entire audience was captured (and sometimes surprised…) by Alexis’ intervention and keynote - we got only positive feedback!


Dssr Logo

Alexis’ keynote was universally very well received by staff, and I think we were all a bit sad when it finished; we could have listened a lot longer!


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TV& Radio

Channel 5 Presenting
Channel 5 Story

You can hear Alexis every Saturday and Sunday on his Times Radio show where he untangles the headline-making stories – from consumer revelations and political commentary to the ideas and discoveries changing the way we live. Plus arts, books, and another of Alexis’ passions, food! Alexis also has his own Channel 5 show, where he explores current affairs with the help of callers, discussing the public’s views and opinions on the country’s most important news items.

Although Alexis’ career in presenting began in 2005, it was his childhood that sparked his interest in the dark world of scams, fraud, and trickery. This extensive knowledge led to him being asked to join the BBC show Hustle as an advisor, and following on from this he was asked to write and present The Real Hustle on BBC3, eventually appearing in 11 series and several specials for the channel. Alexis has also hosted a variety of shows utilising his skills in consumer journalism, advocating for awareness of deceptive practices across the world of seemingly above-ground businesses.

He produced and presented the critically acclaimed documentary Gambling Addiction and Me: The Real Hustler, travelling from Britain to Las Vegas to explore the reality of gambling, and how a habit can spiral into addiction.

In 2016 Alexis tested his hustler skills on Discovery Channel’s Man vs Expert, a six-part series seen across 224 countries, wherein he attempted to beat three world class experts at their own game, giving him the confidence he needed to be crowned Celebrity MasterChef Champion in the same year.

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